Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weegy Scam Or Legit ?


What Is Weegy ?

Weegy is a community based expert system. Which has answers to all of your problems. It is some what like talking to a computer which gives you answers to all the questions you ask. You can ask any question you that comes to your mind you could even ask the problems in your math home work or chemistry or any other subject in the world. When ever some one types a question and ask Weegy. Weegy will search for the answer to the question in its data base. If it finds the answer to the question in its data base than it will instantly answer you. But if does not find the answer in the data base or the user is not satisfied with the answer then you will be sent redirected to a Weegy Expert who is a real person sitting on a computer in any part of the world who can answer your question. If the person does not has the answer to the problem than you will be redirected to another expert until you find the right answer. So who are these Weegy Experts, these are the people just like you sitting on the internet and have enough knowledge to answer to others questions. And for every question they answer as a Weegy Expert the earn $0.20 for each correct answer. To some it might seem really easy. But the users asking questions are real people and you need to have a lot of knowledge and experience to answer questions asked by real people. Some will ask questions regarding their home work, some will ask about novels some will ask about how to lose weight. So be ready to answer some of the weirdest questions you can ever think of. And of course there are those Idiots who will ask your mobile number and sex stuff things like that. In the end if you have enough knowledge and you know a lot about the world then you can easily make money from the site. You will get more answers when the day starts in America I guess more of the users asking questions are from America , Canada and UK in the other parts of the day there are less questions available to answer.      

  • Paying
They are paying and we have been paid by them.You can see it below  
  • Nice Earning Opportunity
$0.20 per question answered is a nice income opportunity and worth your efforts and knowledge to be active on the site. The site pays well as compared to may other sites to work on the internet.
  • Rewards For Most Active Members
Every Month they reward the experts with the most points Cash prizes are awarded to the top 3 experts: 1st place $30, 2nd place $20, 3rd place $10. How to Earn Points : Points are awarded as follows: 10 points for each positive rating, 5 points for each referred user, 1 point for each comment    

  • No Forum
Forum is a place where user can interact, share payment proofs, get support from the staff website owner or fellow members and get to know the latest news on the site and they do not have one. Instead they have a blog where they post all the news related to the site. You can check it out here
  • Delay In Payments
A delay in payments has been a problem with the site but they post about it on their blog when ever they are going to be delayed here are a few places on the blog where they posted about it. And further more they do not have given a specific time to send the payments as they say it " Payments are transferred to your PayPal account when your account reaches $20. You can view an online summary of your compensation status at any time."  

How do I answer questions as Weegy Expert ?

Just Sign Up and then keep click on the Expert Tab and keep that tab open then you will receive questions from time to time to answer questions as a Weegy Expert. You can carry on with some thing else with the Expert Tab open as they will notify you with a beep sound when you need a new question to answer but you have to be quick you only have 15 seconds to accept or decline the question before it is passed on to another Expert.

What If I don't know the answer ?

What If you accepted to answer a question and now do not know the answer to it so just pass the conversation to another Expert. If you write the wrong answer by mistake or on purpose to increase your earnings you will get a warning. In you email and if you get enough warnings your account could get suspended. This the Mail they sent me when I accidently wrote the wrong the answer to the question just by mistake. "All answers are reviewed by Weegy support moderators. We understand that everyone makes mistakes, but if an expert has an unusually high number of flagged answers, their account will be permanently suspended."  

How Do I Increase My Earnings ?

Weegy's fee services allow experts who have established themselves in their area of knowledge to earn a higher level of income from users who are willing to pay a small fee for their premium expertise and advice.For a small fee, Weegy Pro provides an online chat based consultation while Weegy Research provides more in-depth investigation and information collection.Both services allow users to select their expert, so it's important for experts to establish their credibility and rating through the standard Weegy chat service and by posting comments in the Weegy Archive.Experts will always be listed in points order, so higher points leads to more high paying questions. So Just get a good ranking by others and keep on answering questions and you could be selected as an Pro to answer questions. Further more You Earn $0.50 every time a referred user asks a Weegy Pro or Weegy Research question. If you can refer people than you can do great. Note you only Earn for referring users who ask Pro or Research questions not ask questions from Expert they are answered for free.    

  • Verify your answers to ensure that they are correct and accurate
  • Always respond with a complete answer, not just a single letter. Try to restate the question in your response.
  • Do not answer with a link only.
  • Do not ask users to rate your response.
  • Do not keep more than one expert page open.
  You need to keep the above things in mind while answering/replying to a question.Not following the above guidelines could also get you a warning.  

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