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Mylot Earning Guide

Signed up to Mylot already, you have done a great job by signing up to one of the best sites to make money on the internet. Now that you have signed up you will have a lot of questions on your mind. Here I will answer most of them. How to Earn with Mylot ? There are a number of ways to earn from Mylot.
  1. Creating a new discussion in any Interest.
  2. Responding to a discussion in any Interest.
  3. Commenting on a response by any other user.
  4. Doing the available tasks.
  5. Using the mylot search to search on the web.
  6. Paid for uploading photos in any interest.
Factors effecting Earnings
There are a few factors which affect the earnings of a user. Every one does not earn the same amount for each post. And you do not earn the same amount for each of your own posts either. There are a number of factors that affect it.
  1. The quality of your post. The better the quality of the content you post the more you earn.
  2. The length of your post. Some times it does matter. One liner posts will pay less larger posts will pay more.
  3. The number of referrals you have and how much do they earn.
  4. Your Mylot reputation. It is shown by the star right next to your username when you post. The below picture shows the mylot reputation of a user.
The star shows the reputation of the user. And when you place your mouse over it, it will show you the exact reputation of the user. The number right next to user name in the brackets in this case 4096 is the user rating of the user. You will receive your star once you get a user rating of 100. Before that you will not be able to see your star because you wont have one.

Does Geographical location effect my Earnings ?
No you geographical location does not affect your earnings. The mylot admin once him self responded to a discussion similar to that. This is what he said .
And here comes another point with a last one we have a admin on Mylot who everyday responds to topics concerning Mylot. Who have not been properly answered or the FAQs do not contain any reference regarding it.
How do I increase my earnings ?
Now You know how to earn, you know the factors that effect your earnings. Now you want to know how to increase your earnings. It can be increased by a number of ways.
  1. Posting Quality content. And posting relevant to the topic. Posts which are irrelevant to the topic might get deleted.
  2. Post as much as you can. Mylot is not a discussion starting marathon where you get paid only to start discussions. You also earn for the comments you make on the responses. Make sure that if once you start a discussion do try to comment on almost all the responses as it will be easy to comment on the responses rather than starting new discussions and responding to them. As all the responses in a discussion will all be similar and you wont need to think much. In short
"Post quality content. For example, generate discussions that engage other users and provide insightful responses and comments to other users discussions to further the topic'
How do I increase my Mylot reputation ?
Your Mylot reputation depends on a number of factors.
  1. The quality of the content you post.
  2. The number of "+" or "-" you receive.
  3. The more relevant you post.
  4. The type of the content you post
Mylot reputation will fluctuate depending on the above factors. When ever you post a comment you will see a "+" and "-" sign with it. It is used by other users to give you a positive or negative rating. When you receive "+" your reputation will increase and when you receive "-" your reputation will decrease. If you create a discussion just to advertise your site or blog like this.

"Hi here is this is my site do give it a visit it is really funny"
You will receive "-" rating for discussions or comment like it and your reputation will eventually decrease. And the discussion or response will also get deleted. You can post the link to your website, but only when it is relevant or else it will get deleted by the admin.

Things to Know about Mylot
  1. You Earnings are updated once every 24 hours. And updated around 0800 - 1000 Mylot time. Which is running in the footer/bottom of the page. If you posted some thing today the you will be credited for it in your account tomorrow. So be patient to see your earnings updated.
  2. Mylot is a discussion site not any advertising platform where you can post links to your websites. Such discussions are deleted and the user may also get deleted. And will result in your reputation to decrease.
  3. When you create a discussion, You earn for the discussion you started and If you get 50 responses on the discussion it is not you who is earning it is the members who posted the responses are earning for themselves, You only earn for the posts that you make. You do not earn for other responses on your discussion. This is a really big mistake that the new users make they think they also earn for the responses on their discussion. You only earn for your activity not for others activity.
  4. The rewards are instantly credited in to your account.
  5. You get credited for the Mylot tasks at the end of each month in which you reach the minimum payout.
  6. Do not just keep on creating discussions. Comment on the responses to increase your earnings. Remember you get paid for every post.
  7. Earnings are calculated based on a proprietary model that rewards quality responses, relevant discussions and images, and normal website activities. You can not calculate your earnings for your self. The algorithm is purely unknown.
  8. You can add banners to your Mylot profile of any sites you wish.
  9. You do not get paid for uploading photos in to your profile.
  10. Abusing the Mylot search bar to get the reward will result in an suspicious activity being detected, which can harm your earnings. Use it in a natural way and you will do fine. Rewards are absoulutely
  11. Be sure to rate users’ discussions, responses, comments, and photos for the new myLot reputation system. The myLot reputation rating is decided by myLot users.
  12. Make sure to post useful links in discussions when necessary to provide authoritative guidance or to refer to a third party article.
  13. You can not post comments in one discussion and ask users to participate in another one
  14. Discussions that require only one word answer or discussions which are poll type will get deleted.
  15. You can not start discussions referring to a single user like "UserX how are you ". They will get deleted.
In the end the summary of everything written above is that you earn on Purely for your activity. It is a nice place to make new friends discuss,get advice and earn along the way. The more active you are the more you will earn. Click below to join the site. Visit Mylot Review for Mylot Review and payment proof.
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