Sunday, August 11, 2013

Transfer Funds Between Paypal And Payza (Alertpay)

I have seen a lot of people on the internet who have been looking to transfer their funds from Paypal to Payza (Formerly Known As Alertpay) or vice versa. There are a number of website owners who offer to do this but most of them are scam. They take your money and run away, they scam you. After a lot of research on the internet I finally found a website which looked more organized and legit. I have used it a number of times to transfer funds from Paypal to Alertpay with a small amount of fee. The website is called TaransfernShop

What is TransferNShop ?

TrnasferNShop is one of the leading currency exchangers which has been online for more than 5 years. I have been using it for two years now and I have not been scammed by them every time I have been paid in time that is with in 24 hours. The owner is what I think is from India as the payza id says "Patil" so he has to be from India or an Indian.Once I tried to transfer my funds and he emailed me that due to his bad health conditions the transfer was not possible.

How to use TransferNShop ?

When you go to the site for the first time you should see a form which will ask for some information such as your city, country and email. Fill it out you will receive a mail from TranasferNShop in the next 24 hours in which you will be given a link to the order form which is similar to the form that you just filled where you will fill need to tell which way you want to transfer funds from Payza to Paypal or Paypal to Payza and the amount you want to transfer. Where you would be given a ticket number(Note the ticket number is really important don't forget to include it while sending money) you will go to your relevant payment processor and you will transfer the funds to the given payment processor id and in the subject/message you will have to write the ticket number that you will receive from TransfernShop. If you do not write in your ticket number there is a chance that your money could be lost so do remember to include the ticket number. If you have done everything correctly then your funds would be transferred with in the next 24 hours in your required payment processor.

Why TransferNShop ?

All transfers are done quickly, executed professionally within given time period. Complete support to clients in case of issues. 100% guarantee of the transaction otherwise whole amount is refunded without any deductions. Free after support, to any issues you may face with your business that are related to e-currencies. Just drop in a mail for help.  

Fee structure
10% for amounts above $100 20% for amounts below $100

Duration for order completion
2-24 hours depending on the workload

7 days a week Below are proofs of payments that I sent and the payments that I received with in 24 hours note both times I used the transfer Paypal to Alertpay (Payza)

The service is no longer available as their home page says "THIS SERVICE HAS BEEN STOPPED. THANKS FOR TRUSTING ME FOR SO MANY YEARS." It was a nice service I will miss it. Trying to look for an alternative for Transfernshop I landed on another exchange After doing some research I found out that it was a scam so beware do not use it. You can see the full review Beware emoneyxchange Scam. If you find any other legit or scam exchanges please leave a comment below and help others.

Payments Sent     Payments Received    

Friday, August 9, 2013 Scam Or Legit ? (Payment Proofs) - shorten links and earn money!

 What is ? is a link shortening service which pay you every time some one clicks on the link that you shortened through their service. The site link to be shortened can have any destination URL in other words you can shorten any URL using it can be Facebook or even Google. What they do is when ever some on clicks the shortened link posted by you they will be redirected to one of their advertisers website with a "Skip this ad button" at the top right corner. Which appears five seconds later once the page has loaded and then they will be redirected to the destination URL or website. If you still do not get it then click on the link below and you will see how it redirects to Google They also offer website owners to place the script on their site and earn revenue from the website entry script when ever a user visits your website he will automatically be redirected to the advertisement if it is a full page ad. There are two ads to choose from on the site one the full page ads which are the ones you get by visiting the Google page above and the other banner ads when ever a visitor lands on to your website a ad banner will appear at the top which also breaks frame so you can not use it either on a traffic exchange. You have the option to change the number of times the advertisements are shown to a particular user in a 24 hours time.

  • Nice Referral Program
They have a 1 Level Referral Program with no Direct limit. You earn 20% of your referral earnings for life and 5% commission on every advertising order they make.
  • Forum
They have a forum. Forum is a place where user can interact, share payment proofs, get support from the staff website owner or fellow members and get to know the latest news on the site.
  • Paying
We have been paid by the site but they are legit and have been online for a long time and they do not have any complaints against the site. Below are a few payment proofs from our partner sites. PTC Investigation

  • Low Minimum Casout
If you look at it as an advertising network the cash out is really low if you have a website and get a few thousand hits per month and you are using their banner you can reach the minimum cash out easily. Currently the have two type of ads available for website owners banner ads and full page ads.

  • Annoying ads
The ads are really annoying whether it is full page ads or the banner ads both of them are really annoying to the visitors.  
  • LOW eCPM For Some Countries
For some countries the CPM rate is very low. For most of the Asian countries I would say. The CPM for Asian countries like Pakistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Nepal etc the CPM can drop down as low as to $0.25 for Full page ads and $0.05 for banner ads.  

  • Their home page says that Earn more than $4/1000 visitors but rates vary from country to country you can view the full list of rates here
  • You can only click on your links once only to test them and not any further.
  • You can not shrink URL of websites which contain adult material.
  • You may not post links on sites which contain adult material.
  • Do not advertise the links on traffic exchanges or twitter or your account will be banned and further more the links break frame most of the traffic exchanges do not accept links that break frame, you may even get your traffic exchange account banned too. - shorten links and earn money!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Microworkers Scam Or Legit ?


  How Do I Get Paid ?

You get paid through Paypal , Alertpay , MoneyBookers or Check. Once you have accumulated $9 in to your account.
How Much Do I Need To Wait ?

You will be paid after the 30 days of your request to cash out. For the first time when you request to cash out you will be sent a PIN to your mailing account which you will have to validate for the first time only after that they will start sending you payments without validation.

Do They Have A Referral Program ?

Yes they do have a 1 Level referral program with No Direct Limit where you earn $1 for every referral who cashes out $25.

Accepted Countries ?

At the moment All Countries are accepted.

Have We been Paid ?

Yes We have been Paid here are my Payment Proofs. Microworkers is a Get Paid To (GPT) site where you earn money by completing simple tasks.

What Is A GPT Site ?

A GPT site is where you get paid to do simple tasks. The tasks can be as simple as from going to a website and clicking on a ad on it to as difficult as writing a post on your blog on a particular product or website. The tasks available on the GPT sites include
  1. Liking a Facebook page.
  2. Voting liking or commenting on a Youtube video
  3. Signing up to websites which range from online games websites to adult dating website and a lot others.
  4. Digg an article and bookmark it.
  5. Following some one on twitter.
  6. Tweet some thing about on twitter.
  7. Voting for some thing on a website.
  8. Posting a link in a yahoo answer
  9. Clicking on ads on a website.
  10. Going to a website and stay on it for some time.
  11. Writing a article on your blog about a particular product or website.
Like any other GPT site Microworkers has all the available tasks to do which can be found on any other GPT site. At Microworkers the there are two type of users the Employers who create tasks and Workers who do tasks created by employers. You just need to create one account and you can perform both functions from the same account you can create tasks and do tasks from the same account. There are 4 simple steps to earn from Microworkers

— Browse micro jobs 
— Select jobs you like 
— Finish tasks submit proof 
— Earn money

How much you can earn form the site will depend on where you are from or where you reside at the moment as those living in USA , Canada and UK will get more tasks to do than those who reside in other parts of the world but still there are a lot of tasks available to do.There are no tests or requirements to be a worker any one be a worker a work at home mom or a student who needs extra cash. Being a worker does not mean that you will be employed by the site instead you will be working as a freelancer on the site and only paid for the tasks you complete.

At Microworkers so will need to have a success rate of more than 75% to keep on doing task or you will get banned from doing tasks for some time.If you have submitted more than 20 tasks in period of 60 days and your Success rate goes below 75% you will not be able to submit tasks for 1-30 days.If an Employer misrated you, open task details page and click on "Submit a Complain" link to report.
When you sign up you get a $1 bonus just for signing up to the site. In addition to that there are Hire Me jobs where employers only pick specific users to do their tasks. You will start receiving these tasks from time to time once you complete 10 tasks.
You can use the money you earned to start campaign you do not need to transfer it from your worker balance to employer balance because there is only one balance account the main balance whether you create a task or complete one you will get credited and pay from the main balance.
Microworker 1st Payment Proof

Monday, July 29, 2013

MinuteWorkers Scam Or Legit ?

minute workers

 Minute Workers is another GPT site where users can earn money by completing simple jobs online which are created by employers. What Is A GPT Site ? A GPT site is where you get paid to do simple tasks. The tasks can be as simple as from going to a website and clicking on a ad on it to as difficult as writing a post on your blog on a particular product or website. The tasks available on the GPT sites include
  1. Liking a Facebook page.
  2. Voting liking or commenting on a Youtube video
  3. Signing up to websites which range from online games websites to adult dating website and a lot others.
  4. Digg an article and bookmark it.
  5. Following some one on twitter.
  6. Tweet some thing about on twitter.
  7. Voting for some thing on a website.
  8. Posting a link in a yahoo answer
  9. Clicking on ads on a website.
  10. Going to a website and stay on it for some time.
  11. Writing a article on your blog about a particular product or website.
What Is MinuteWorkers ? Just like most of the other GPT sites there are two functions that you can perform once you sign up at the site either you can start doing tasks and earn from the site or you can create tasks for other users to do. The one who post tasks and pay are known as the Employers and on who do tasks and get paid are known as Workers who get paid for doing tasks. Like anyother GPT site you need to complete the Jobs available at the site submit the proof of the completion and you are all done if the proof is right you will get credited in to your account. There are a lot of Jobs available to do for the employers. There are a lot of Jobs for UK, US and Canada only. As most of the Jobs are for users from US, UK and Canada but still there are a lot of Jobs available for international workers as well. There are more than 10-20 Jobs available for international workers and that is just 4 times more jobs than Microworkers where International Workers Get only around 5-6 Jobs to do.  

  • Paying
They are paying and we have been paid by them.You can see it below Minute Worker 1st Payment Proof
  • Forum
They have a forum. Forum is a place where user can interact, share payment proofs, get support from the staff website owner or fellow members and get to know the latest news on the site. And further more you get to paid in the forum $0.01 /post and $0.01/thread.
  • Low Minimum Cashout
The minimum cashout is very low which is $2. You can easily reach the payout in a a 15 day time.
  • Unlimited Direct Referrals
They do not have a referral limit which is a plus point for people who can refer a lot of people. You earn $0.05 once a user signs up and a further $0.10 when the same users completes one task. Which means you can earn a maximum of $0.15 for every user that you refer.
  • Sign Up Bonus
When you sign up you get a sign up bonus which is $1.10 in to your employer balance which can be used to create tasks.

  • Most Jobs For US, UK and Canada
More than 90% of the Jobs are for people from UK, US and Canada. But on the other hand there are more than 100 Jobs available at a time to do for anyone. So that makes 10 jobs available for people from other than US,UK and Canada.<
  • Task Approving Delay
Some people have compalined in their forum that their tasks did not get approved even if they did the task the right way. It takes a lot of time for their task to get approved

  • You get paid through Paypal or Alertpay. Once you accumulate $2 in to your account with a 10% fee. If you withdraw $10 or more there is no fee.
  • Unlike Microworkers the tasks that do not match your country are also shown in the available Jobs section. So do read the instructions and title before accepting a Job as some times the title tells the countries eligible for the Job and some time the description.
  • Jobs will be automatically approved if the employer does not approve them in 7 Days.
  • In order to register to the site you need to be more than 13 years old.

minute workers

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weegy Scam Or Legit ?


What Is Weegy ?

Weegy is a community based expert system. Which has answers to all of your problems. It is some what like talking to a computer which gives you answers to all the questions you ask. You can ask any question you that comes to your mind you could even ask the problems in your math home work or chemistry or any other subject in the world. When ever some one types a question and ask Weegy. Weegy will search for the answer to the question in its data base. If it finds the answer to the question in its data base than it will instantly answer you. But if does not find the answer in the data base or the user is not satisfied with the answer then you will be sent redirected to a Weegy Expert who is a real person sitting on a computer in any part of the world who can answer your question. If the person does not has the answer to the problem than you will be redirected to another expert until you find the right answer. So who are these Weegy Experts, these are the people just like you sitting on the internet and have enough knowledge to answer to others questions. And for every question they answer as a Weegy Expert the earn $0.20 for each correct answer. To some it might seem really easy. But the users asking questions are real people and you need to have a lot of knowledge and experience to answer questions asked by real people. Some will ask questions regarding their home work, some will ask about novels some will ask about how to lose weight. So be ready to answer some of the weirdest questions you can ever think of. And of course there are those Idiots who will ask your mobile number and sex stuff things like that. In the end if you have enough knowledge and you know a lot about the world then you can easily make money from the site. You will get more answers when the day starts in America I guess more of the users asking questions are from America , Canada and UK in the other parts of the day there are less questions available to answer.      

  • Paying
They are paying and we have been paid by them.You can see it below  
  • Nice Earning Opportunity
$0.20 per question answered is a nice income opportunity and worth your efforts and knowledge to be active on the site. The site pays well as compared to may other sites to work on the internet.
  • Rewards For Most Active Members
Every Month they reward the experts with the most points Cash prizes are awarded to the top 3 experts: 1st place $30, 2nd place $20, 3rd place $10. How to Earn Points : Points are awarded as follows: 10 points for each positive rating, 5 points for each referred user, 1 point for each comment    

  • No Forum
Forum is a place where user can interact, share payment proofs, get support from the staff website owner or fellow members and get to know the latest news on the site and they do not have one. Instead they have a blog where they post all the news related to the site. You can check it out here
  • Delay In Payments
A delay in payments has been a problem with the site but they post about it on their blog when ever they are going to be delayed here are a few places on the blog where they posted about it. And further more they do not have given a specific time to send the payments as they say it " Payments are transferred to your PayPal account when your account reaches $20. You can view an online summary of your compensation status at any time."  

How do I answer questions as Weegy Expert ?

Just Sign Up and then keep click on the Expert Tab and keep that tab open then you will receive questions from time to time to answer questions as a Weegy Expert. You can carry on with some thing else with the Expert Tab open as they will notify you with a beep sound when you need a new question to answer but you have to be quick you only have 15 seconds to accept or decline the question before it is passed on to another Expert.

What If I don't know the answer ?

What If you accepted to answer a question and now do not know the answer to it so just pass the conversation to another Expert. If you write the wrong answer by mistake or on purpose to increase your earnings you will get a warning. In you email and if you get enough warnings your account could get suspended. This the Mail they sent me when I accidently wrote the wrong the answer to the question just by mistake. "All answers are reviewed by Weegy support moderators. We understand that everyone makes mistakes, but if an expert has an unusually high number of flagged answers, their account will be permanently suspended."  

How Do I Increase My Earnings ?

Weegy's fee services allow experts who have established themselves in their area of knowledge to earn a higher level of income from users who are willing to pay a small fee for their premium expertise and advice.For a small fee, Weegy Pro provides an online chat based consultation while Weegy Research provides more in-depth investigation and information collection.Both services allow users to select their expert, so it's important for experts to establish their credibility and rating through the standard Weegy chat service and by posting comments in the Weegy Archive.Experts will always be listed in points order, so higher points leads to more high paying questions. So Just get a good ranking by others and keep on answering questions and you could be selected as an Pro to answer questions. Further more You Earn $0.50 every time a referred user asks a Weegy Pro or Weegy Research question. If you can refer people than you can do great. Note you only Earn for referring users who ask Pro or Research questions not ask questions from Expert they are answered for free.    

  • Verify your answers to ensure that they are correct and accurate
  • Always respond with a complete answer, not just a single letter. Try to restate the question in your response.
  • Do not answer with a link only.
  • Do not ask users to rate your response.
  • Do not keep more than one expert page open.
  You need to keep the above things in mind while answering/replying to a question.Not following the above guidelines could also get you a warning.  

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Triond Scam Or Legit ?

What Is Triond ?
Triond is a publishing website. If have some content of your own that was created by you in any media format, whether it is a video, a picture or an article. You can publish it on Triond. They pay you 50% of the revenue generated form your content . The views should be original and should not be from any illegal source such as a traffic exchange and they have already blocked a number of traffic exchanges to send visitors to their sites. What Triond does is when ever you submit an article, they post it on one of their partner websites. A niche websites so you reach a wider audience, gain more recognition and earn more revenue. Earning on Triond is really simple and divided in to three steps.
"you create, they publish, you earn"
They accept all original content that was created by you whether a picture,video or an article. On any topic as long as it original and is only created by you. No matter how you created it. Once you sign up you will need to write or upload some thing and it wont get published instantly it will need to get reviewed to make sure that the content is unique.

Why Publish with Triond ?
So why would any one publish with Triond. You could create your own blog and get all the 100% revenue generated from your blog or website. Where as Triond only offers 50% of the revenue generated form your content. The answer is really simple. Triond will publish your content on a website within their publishing network that best suits your topic and target audience. And the website on which they submit is already going to have a lot of traffic. So you do not need to take care of the traffic on to your blog you just need to write quality content and Triond will do the rest for you. Here is one of our article that got published Toneaday , and here is another one Mylot. You see that both of the articles were published to different websites. They review every content and publish it on a related website to your content.

Are there any Restrictions ?
There is only one limitation your content needs to be unique or it will not get approved. You can not just copy and paste any thing from another website and publish it on Triond. They will know if the content is copied or unique. So do not try to cheat them.

How do I increase my earnings ?
Already signed up to Triond and have some content submitted on the site but any good progress with the earnings from your content. You should make friends on the website and view their content in return they will view your content. Send messages to them and ask them to read your content. You could just ask your friends to view your content share it with your friends. Share it on Facebook, Twitter or any where else you like. Try writing on hot topics, if your topic is not hot at the moment you will not get much views for your content. In order to the list of hot topics at the moment. login > Submit > Topic Suggestions There you will find all the hot topics at the moment and one which are being searched most at the moment on which you should write to get more views on your content. As writing on a hot topic will mean that there will be a large number of people searching for the topic which will result in a larger number of views to your content. They also offer you a Triond widget with links to your content. You can get it for free and you can put it on any of your blogs or websites that you have. Below is how the widget looks like. You can get the widget by the following method. Login > Account > Triond widget Or you could simply click on the Get Widget button under the widget below to get your widget once you have signed up to Triond.        
  • Paying
They are paying and we have been paid by them.You can see it below Triond 1st Paymet
  • Blog
They have a blog where they update all the latest news about the site it is used as an alternative to a forum. In forums users can themselves create there own discussions but on blogs they can only comment on posts by the Triond team.  
  • Forum
They do not have a real forum on their site but they are using getstatisfaction to do that work for you. Get Satisfaction is a simple way to build online communities that enable productive conversations between companies and their customers. More than 48,000 companies use Get Satisfaction to provide a more social support experience, build better products, increase SEO and improve customer loyalty.
  • Adsense Integration
You can integrate adsense in to your account which means adsense ads will be shown on your content and the adsense ads will be from your account. You will get the option once you completely publish 5 articles.

  • Low Earnings
For some people the earnings might be too low the only way to earn more from the site is to write more the more articles you write the more you will earn. You can make money on the site in short bursts but you can not make a passive income out of the site

  • You will get your referral link once you get your first cashout
  • You can put your own adsense ads once you publish 5 articles.
  • Your articles will be reviewed before they are published and reviewing may take up to 24-48 hours.
  • Your content need to be unique and not copied they will not accept any copied content.

Toneaday Scam Or Legit ?

Toneaday is a site where you get paid to rate words according to what do you feel about the words.And rate the word form the 8 emotions present. If you have a good English you can easily signup to the site and after that you will have to take a small test which is 10-20 minutes long I do not remember the right time because it has been quite a while when I joined the site. When the site started which was around in July 2010 there was no restriction to the money you could make from the site. They used to pay $0.02 for each word that a user rated. But since then things have changed a lot. The site still pays to rate words. But now there is a limit on the phrases that you can rate each month. And further more you need to qualify for those. This is how they say it
"top community members will be invited to join Campaigns and rate a group of words or phrases for a $0.02/word"
Campaigns are held every month and now they have limited the money that you could make with them to $25 a month not any more. But still it is a good amount of money as on some sites it takes months to make $25.

How to be eligible for campaign ?

Every month top raters form the previous month will be invited to take part in to the campaign. Your eligibility to get in to the campaign depends upon One factors your Toneaday points referred to as TAD points. The more TAD points you have the greater the chances the you will be selected in to the campaign. TAD Points For every contribution you make your contributions increase by one. And you get TAD points for quality rating. Which means that you need to take your time to rate the phrase/word. Do not spam, such as using one emotion for each phrase and using the same number to represent one or other emotions . If you keep on using the same emotion or keep on using one number or rate phrases too much fast, you will be logged out of your account and you will have to log back in and then you will have to go through an image verification to make sure that you are not a bot. So just take your time to rate the phrases and do not use the same number or same emotion for every phrase that you get to rate. Keep on changing them. If you have enough TAD for the month and you are in the top raters of the month you will get selected for the campaign. You will not see a direct increase in your TAD points as you rate phrases it will take some time to get your TAD points updated. Once on the rate phrases page you will see your current rank for the months and all time rank in the right side bar. And below that you will see your current months TAD points and your all time TAD points. Even below that you will see a box which shows if you are eligible for the campaign or not. The Campaign usually begins on the 15th of each month. Some users have told me if a user registers when there is a campaign running he gets instant invitation to the campaign all he has to do is pass the English test. In addition to the Campaign they have a weekly prize draw which is given to 25 people each week. The prize is of $10 each. The draw is held every week and depends on your TAD points. The more TAD points you have the more chances are that you will win a prize. It is like for one TAD point you get one drawing ticket. So keep on rating and maybe you will be one of those lucky winners to get the $10 prize. When you cash out from the site 5% of all your earnings are to be given to a charity of your choice. Just click here to join the site

How do I get paid ?
You get paid through Paypal. And you get paid on the 1st of each month.

Accepted Countries ?
All countries are accepted. As long as you have a nice English and pass the Toneaday English Test.

Have I been Paid ?
Yes I have been Paid and here are the payment proofs from the site.

Easyhits4u Scam Or Legit ?

The Most Popular Traffic Exchange

What is EasyHits4U ?
EasyHits4U is a traffic exchange site. So what is a traffic exchange site traffic exchange site is a website where you register create an account and you surf other people websites usually you surf others websites for around 20 seconds each time you surf another users website you earn credits. you can use these credits to do a number of tasks.
  1. Convert Credits to banner impressions.
  2. Convert Credits to text ad impressions.
You can use your credits to get hits to your sites. For every site you surf you get one credit and in order to get one hit to your site you need one credit that makes EasyHits4U a 1:1 traffic exchange. You can convert Credits to banner or text ad impressions which can be used to display your website banner or text ad all around the EasyHits4U website. If you have enough credits you can also use them to upgrade your account for one day, the advantages of upgrading account are given below.
  • Nice Referral Program
They have a 5 Level Referral Program with no Direct limit. You earn 20% of your referral earnings for life and 5% commission on every advertising order they make.Their referral program goes like this 10%, 5%, 3%, 2%, 1% which means that You receive 10% of hits earned by people whom you've directly referred, 5% of hits earned by people referred by your referrals, and so on through five tiers. You also receive a $0.10 cash bonus for every person you refer that surfs 100 or more sites.  
  • Paying and Well Established
EasyHits4U is a well established site which has been online since 2003 and it has being paying its members ever since it was created. We have not been paid yet but or partners have been paid a lot of times from the website. There are thousands of payment proofs from EasyhHits4U all around the web. PTC Investigation  
  • Social Network
They do not have a forum but recently they seem to have added a social network feature to the big traffic exchange with over 500,000 members. All the users on the website can send each other connection requests which are equivalent to friend requests, send each other private messages and many more features.  
  • Slow Earner
The site is a slow earner only $0.30 for 1000 websites viewed that is really less. Reaching the minimum cash out can take a lot of time if you cant refer a bunch of users. But on the other hand you also get visitors to your website like free promotion and get a better page rank.  

  • You can target countries to whom you want to show your banner or text ads or from where you want to get hits to your website.
  • You can submit Non English ads with proper targeting. For example if you want to hits to a website in Hindi you should target the country as India.
  • Credits can also be bought you get 1000 hits to your site for $5.95.
  • Upgrade membership cost $7.95/month and comes with a lot of benefits. Upgrade Membership

The Most Popular Traffic Exchange

Mylot Earning Guide

Signed up to Mylot already, you have done a great job by signing up to one of the best sites to make money on the internet. Now that you have signed up you will have a lot of questions on your mind. Here I will answer most of them. How to Earn with Mylot ? There are a number of ways to earn from Mylot.
  1. Creating a new discussion in any Interest.
  2. Responding to a discussion in any Interest.
  3. Commenting on a response by any other user.
  4. Doing the available tasks.
  5. Using the mylot search to search on the web.
  6. Paid for uploading photos in any interest.
Factors effecting Earnings
There are a few factors which affect the earnings of a user. Every one does not earn the same amount for each post. And you do not earn the same amount for each of your own posts either. There are a number of factors that affect it.
  1. The quality of your post. The better the quality of the content you post the more you earn.
  2. The length of your post. Some times it does matter. One liner posts will pay less larger posts will pay more.
  3. The number of referrals you have and how much do they earn.
  4. Your Mylot reputation. It is shown by the star right next to your username when you post. The below picture shows the mylot reputation of a user.
The star shows the reputation of the user. And when you place your mouse over it, it will show you the exact reputation of the user. The number right next to user name in the brackets in this case 4096 is the user rating of the user. You will receive your star once you get a user rating of 100. Before that you will not be able to see your star because you wont have one.

Does Geographical location effect my Earnings ?
No you geographical location does not affect your earnings. The mylot admin once him self responded to a discussion similar to that. This is what he said .
And here comes another point with a last one we have a admin on Mylot who everyday responds to topics concerning Mylot. Who have not been properly answered or the FAQs do not contain any reference regarding it.
How do I increase my earnings ?
Now You know how to earn, you know the factors that effect your earnings. Now you want to know how to increase your earnings. It can be increased by a number of ways.
  1. Posting Quality content. And posting relevant to the topic. Posts which are irrelevant to the topic might get deleted.
  2. Post as much as you can. Mylot is not a discussion starting marathon where you get paid only to start discussions. You also earn for the comments you make on the responses. Make sure that if once you start a discussion do try to comment on almost all the responses as it will be easy to comment on the responses rather than starting new discussions and responding to them. As all the responses in a discussion will all be similar and you wont need to think much. In short
"Post quality content. For example, generate discussions that engage other users and provide insightful responses and comments to other users discussions to further the topic'
How do I increase my Mylot reputation ?
Your Mylot reputation depends on a number of factors.
  1. The quality of the content you post.
  2. The number of "+" or "-" you receive.
  3. The more relevant you post.
  4. The type of the content you post
Mylot reputation will fluctuate depending on the above factors. When ever you post a comment you will see a "+" and "-" sign with it. It is used by other users to give you a positive or negative rating. When you receive "+" your reputation will increase and when you receive "-" your reputation will decrease. If you create a discussion just to advertise your site or blog like this.

"Hi here is this is my site do give it a visit it is really funny"
You will receive "-" rating for discussions or comment like it and your reputation will eventually decrease. And the discussion or response will also get deleted. You can post the link to your website, but only when it is relevant or else it will get deleted by the admin.

Things to Know about Mylot
  1. You Earnings are updated once every 24 hours. And updated around 0800 - 1000 Mylot time. Which is running in the footer/bottom of the page. If you posted some thing today the you will be credited for it in your account tomorrow. So be patient to see your earnings updated.
  2. Mylot is a discussion site not any advertising platform where you can post links to your websites. Such discussions are deleted and the user may also get deleted. And will result in your reputation to decrease.
  3. When you create a discussion, You earn for the discussion you started and If you get 50 responses on the discussion it is not you who is earning it is the members who posted the responses are earning for themselves, You only earn for the posts that you make. You do not earn for other responses on your discussion. This is a really big mistake that the new users make they think they also earn for the responses on their discussion. You only earn for your activity not for others activity.
  4. The rewards are instantly credited in to your account.
  5. You get credited for the Mylot tasks at the end of each month in which you reach the minimum payout.
  6. Do not just keep on creating discussions. Comment on the responses to increase your earnings. Remember you get paid for every post.
  7. Earnings are calculated based on a proprietary model that rewards quality responses, relevant discussions and images, and normal website activities. You can not calculate your earnings for your self. The algorithm is purely unknown.
  8. You can add banners to your Mylot profile of any sites you wish.
  9. You do not get paid for uploading photos in to your profile.
  10. Abusing the Mylot search bar to get the reward will result in an suspicious activity being detected, which can harm your earnings. Use it in a natural way and you will do fine. Rewards are absoulutely
  11. Be sure to rate users’ discussions, responses, comments, and photos for the new myLot reputation system. The myLot reputation rating is decided by myLot users.
  12. Make sure to post useful links in discussions when necessary to provide authoritative guidance or to refer to a third party article.
  13. You can not post comments in one discussion and ask users to participate in another one
  14. Discussions that require only one word answer or discussions which are poll type will get deleted.
  15. You can not start discussions referring to a single user like "UserX how are you ". They will get deleted.
In the end the summary of everything written above is that you earn on Purely for your activity. It is a nice place to make new friends discuss,get advice and earn along the way. The more active you are the more you will earn. Click below to join the site. Visit Mylot Review for Mylot Review and payment proof.
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Myloy Scam Or Legit ?


What Is Mylot ? If you are looking to make a little amount of money on the internet than you have landed at the right place. Mylot is a social network that pays its users for their activity. It is more of like a forum not a social network to be specific. If you enjoy being active on forums, posting comments on blog and commenting on your friends status on Facebook than you could really make some money every month from the site Because this is what you have to do make new friends and just type and type. There are thousands of interests to choose from and there are new discussions created every day in each and every interest. Besides making money you get to make new friends and get some good advice from experienced people from around the world.You can earn from the site by starting discussions, responding to discussions, commenting on others responses, doing simple tasks and get rewarded for using their search bar to search on the internet. 
  • Paying
Mylot is an old site which has been online for more than 3 years as far as I have seen discussions it can be even more older. I could not find the exact launch date of Mylot. Below are Payment proofs.
  • Forum
The whole site is a type of a forum where members interact with each other. They have a admin who will delete spam comments and respond to discussions regarding problems and questions on Mylot.  
  • Nice Referral Program
They have a 1 Level Referral Program with no Direct limit. You earn 25% of your referral earnings for life. If you have a referral who earns $10 a day you will earn $2.5.
  • A Number Of Ways To Earn
There are a number of ways through which you can earn from the site. You can earn by starting a discussion, responding to a discussion, commenting on a response, using their search bar getting rewarded, doing tasks. Below is how a reward looks like the reward shows 20 cents, but it will vary every time you receive one.
  • Accounts Deleted
I have not been a member to the site for a long time and I have seen a couple of members complain that their account was deleted for no reason.  
  • Even if Paypal is not offering its services in your country you can still sign up to the site and use it to make friends and stuff. And you will keep on being credited for your earnings. In case some day Paypal starts offering its services in your country you can redeem them.
  • You only earn for your activity not others activity there are a lot of new members every day who sign up on the site and most of them are misguided that they also earn for people responding to discussions they started that's not true you only earn for your own activity.
  • There are a lot of Tasks available for you to do which range from simple tasks such as liking a facebook to complex ones where you need to write an article or a paragraph. They can be as low as $0.03 to as high as $5.
  • Mylot accepts users from all countries, it does not matter where ever you are from you will earn from it. They do not have a tier system where users from USA, UK and Canada earn more. Every one has the same earning opportunity and all it depends is on your activity and how much you post.
  • The more you post the more you earn. They only offer to pay through Paypal. Pay on the 15th of each month if you were able to reach the minimum payment by the end of the last month. For example if you accumulated $10 or more in your account by the 30th of July you will receive your money on 15th of August. If you were not able to accumulate $10 in a month then your earnings for the previous month will carried forward to the next month. You can increase the minimum payment threshold to $25, $50 or $100.
  • You do not get credited for your activity as soon as you start discussions and respond to them but the earnings are updated on the site daily which is between 0800 - 1000 Mylot time which is running at the bottom of the page. And everyday yesterdays earnings are updated, if you posted some thing today then you will see you earnings increase for it tomorrow.
  • Mylot should is not made to advertise your websites and products and post your referral links if you do this you might get reported and get deleted. Making negative discussions can harm your earnings. Here is a payment proof from the site.
  • If you do not login to your account for more than 90 days your earnings will be deleted and your balance turn zero. You just need to login posting or any activity is not compulsory.
  • You can also read the earning Tips and a guide about Mylot how to make the most out of it at mylot earning guide.