Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Microworkers Scam Or Legit ?


  How Do I Get Paid ?

You get paid through Paypal , Alertpay , MoneyBookers or Check. Once you have accumulated $9 in to your account.
How Much Do I Need To Wait ?

You will be paid after the 30 days of your request to cash out. For the first time when you request to cash out you will be sent a PIN to your mailing account which you will have to validate for the first time only after that they will start sending you payments without validation.

Do They Have A Referral Program ?

Yes they do have a 1 Level referral program with No Direct Limit where you earn $1 for every referral who cashes out $25.

Accepted Countries ?

At the moment All Countries are accepted.

Have We been Paid ?

Yes We have been Paid here are my Payment Proofs. Microworkers is a Get Paid To (GPT) site where you earn money by completing simple tasks.

What Is A GPT Site ?

A GPT site is where you get paid to do simple tasks. The tasks can be as simple as from going to a website and clicking on a ad on it to as difficult as writing a post on your blog on a particular product or website. The tasks available on the GPT sites include
  1. Liking a Facebook page.
  2. Voting liking or commenting on a Youtube video
  3. Signing up to websites which range from online games websites to adult dating website and a lot others.
  4. Digg an article and bookmark it.
  5. Following some one on twitter.
  6. Tweet some thing about on twitter.
  7. Voting for some thing on a website.
  8. Posting a link in a yahoo answer
  9. Clicking on ads on a website.
  10. Going to a website and stay on it for some time.
  11. Writing a article on your blog about a particular product or website.
Like any other GPT site Microworkers has all the available tasks to do which can be found on any other GPT site. At Microworkers the there are two type of users the Employers who create tasks and Workers who do tasks created by employers. You just need to create one account and you can perform both functions from the same account you can create tasks and do tasks from the same account. There are 4 simple steps to earn from Microworkers

— Browse micro jobs 
— Select jobs you like 
— Finish tasks submit proof 
— Earn money

How much you can earn form the site will depend on where you are from or where you reside at the moment as those living in USA , Canada and UK will get more tasks to do than those who reside in other parts of the world but still there are a lot of tasks available to do.There are no tests or requirements to be a worker any one be a worker a work at home mom or a student who needs extra cash. Being a worker does not mean that you will be employed by the site instead you will be working as a freelancer on the site and only paid for the tasks you complete.

At Microworkers so will need to have a success rate of more than 75% to keep on doing task or you will get banned from doing tasks for some time.If you have submitted more than 20 tasks in period of 60 days and your Success rate goes below 75% you will not be able to submit tasks for 1-30 days.If an Employer misrated you, open task details page and click on "Submit a Complain" link to report.
When you sign up you get a $1 bonus just for signing up to the site. In addition to that there are Hire Me jobs where employers only pick specific users to do their tasks. You will start receiving these tasks from time to time once you complete 10 tasks.
You can use the money you earned to start campaign you do not need to transfer it from your worker balance to employer balance because there is only one balance account the main balance whether you create a task or complete one you will get credited and pay from the main balance.
Microworker 1st Payment Proof

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