Friday, August 9, 2013 Scam Or Legit ? (Payment Proofs) - shorten links and earn money!

 What is ? is a link shortening service which pay you every time some one clicks on the link that you shortened through their service. The site link to be shortened can have any destination URL in other words you can shorten any URL using it can be Facebook or even Google. What they do is when ever some on clicks the shortened link posted by you they will be redirected to one of their advertisers website with a "Skip this ad button" at the top right corner. Which appears five seconds later once the page has loaded and then they will be redirected to the destination URL or website. If you still do not get it then click on the link below and you will see how it redirects to Google They also offer website owners to place the script on their site and earn revenue from the website entry script when ever a user visits your website he will automatically be redirected to the advertisement if it is a full page ad. There are two ads to choose from on the site one the full page ads which are the ones you get by visiting the Google page above and the other banner ads when ever a visitor lands on to your website a ad banner will appear at the top which also breaks frame so you can not use it either on a traffic exchange. You have the option to change the number of times the advertisements are shown to a particular user in a 24 hours time.

  • Nice Referral Program
They have a 1 Level Referral Program with no Direct limit. You earn 20% of your referral earnings for life and 5% commission on every advertising order they make.
  • Forum
They have a forum. Forum is a place where user can interact, share payment proofs, get support from the staff website owner or fellow members and get to know the latest news on the site.
  • Paying
We have been paid by the site but they are legit and have been online for a long time and they do not have any complaints against the site. Below are a few payment proofs from our partner sites. PTC Investigation

  • Low Minimum Casout
If you look at it as an advertising network the cash out is really low if you have a website and get a few thousand hits per month and you are using their banner you can reach the minimum cash out easily. Currently the have two type of ads available for website owners banner ads and full page ads.

  • Annoying ads
The ads are really annoying whether it is full page ads or the banner ads both of them are really annoying to the visitors.  
  • LOW eCPM For Some Countries
For some countries the CPM rate is very low. For most of the Asian countries I would say. The CPM for Asian countries like Pakistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Nepal etc the CPM can drop down as low as to $0.25 for Full page ads and $0.05 for banner ads.  

  • Their home page says that Earn more than $4/1000 visitors but rates vary from country to country you can view the full list of rates here
  • You can only click on your links once only to test them and not any further.
  • You can not shrink URL of websites which contain adult material.
  • You may not post links on sites which contain adult material.
  • Do not advertise the links on traffic exchanges or twitter or your account will be banned and further more the links break frame most of the traffic exchanges do not accept links that break frame, you may even get your traffic exchange account banned too. - shorten links and earn money!

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