Monday, July 29, 2013

MinuteWorkers Scam Or Legit ?

minute workers

 Minute Workers is another GPT site where users can earn money by completing simple jobs online which are created by employers. What Is A GPT Site ? A GPT site is where you get paid to do simple tasks. The tasks can be as simple as from going to a website and clicking on a ad on it to as difficult as writing a post on your blog on a particular product or website. The tasks available on the GPT sites include
  1. Liking a Facebook page.
  2. Voting liking or commenting on a Youtube video
  3. Signing up to websites which range from online games websites to adult dating website and a lot others.
  4. Digg an article and bookmark it.
  5. Following some one on twitter.
  6. Tweet some thing about on twitter.
  7. Voting for some thing on a website.
  8. Posting a link in a yahoo answer
  9. Clicking on ads on a website.
  10. Going to a website and stay on it for some time.
  11. Writing a article on your blog about a particular product or website.
What Is MinuteWorkers ? Just like most of the other GPT sites there are two functions that you can perform once you sign up at the site either you can start doing tasks and earn from the site or you can create tasks for other users to do. The one who post tasks and pay are known as the Employers and on who do tasks and get paid are known as Workers who get paid for doing tasks. Like anyother GPT site you need to complete the Jobs available at the site submit the proof of the completion and you are all done if the proof is right you will get credited in to your account. There are a lot of Jobs available to do for the employers. There are a lot of Jobs for UK, US and Canada only. As most of the Jobs are for users from US, UK and Canada but still there are a lot of Jobs available for international workers as well. There are more than 10-20 Jobs available for international workers and that is just 4 times more jobs than Microworkers where International Workers Get only around 5-6 Jobs to do.  

  • Paying
They are paying and we have been paid by them.You can see it below Minute Worker 1st Payment Proof
  • Forum
They have a forum. Forum is a place where user can interact, share payment proofs, get support from the staff website owner or fellow members and get to know the latest news on the site. And further more you get to paid in the forum $0.01 /post and $0.01/thread.
  • Low Minimum Cashout
The minimum cashout is very low which is $2. You can easily reach the payout in a a 15 day time.
  • Unlimited Direct Referrals
They do not have a referral limit which is a plus point for people who can refer a lot of people. You earn $0.05 once a user signs up and a further $0.10 when the same users completes one task. Which means you can earn a maximum of $0.15 for every user that you refer.
  • Sign Up Bonus
When you sign up you get a sign up bonus which is $1.10 in to your employer balance which can be used to create tasks.

  • Most Jobs For US, UK and Canada
More than 90% of the Jobs are for people from UK, US and Canada. But on the other hand there are more than 100 Jobs available at a time to do for anyone. So that makes 10 jobs available for people from other than US,UK and Canada.<
  • Task Approving Delay
Some people have compalined in their forum that their tasks did not get approved even if they did the task the right way. It takes a lot of time for their task to get approved

  • You get paid through Paypal or Alertpay. Once you accumulate $2 in to your account with a 10% fee. If you withdraw $10 or more there is no fee.
  • Unlike Microworkers the tasks that do not match your country are also shown in the available Jobs section. So do read the instructions and title before accepting a Job as some times the title tells the countries eligible for the Job and some time the description.
  • Jobs will be automatically approved if the employer does not approve them in 7 Days.
  • In order to register to the site you need to be more than 13 years old.

minute workers

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