Saturday, July 27, 2013

Toneaday Scam Or Legit ?

Toneaday is a site where you get paid to rate words according to what do you feel about the words.And rate the word form the 8 emotions present. If you have a good English you can easily signup to the site and after that you will have to take a small test which is 10-20 minutes long I do not remember the right time because it has been quite a while when I joined the site. When the site started which was around in July 2010 there was no restriction to the money you could make from the site. They used to pay $0.02 for each word that a user rated. But since then things have changed a lot. The site still pays to rate words. But now there is a limit on the phrases that you can rate each month. And further more you need to qualify for those. This is how they say it
"top community members will be invited to join Campaigns and rate a group of words or phrases for a $0.02/word"
Campaigns are held every month and now they have limited the money that you could make with them to $25 a month not any more. But still it is a good amount of money as on some sites it takes months to make $25.

How to be eligible for campaign ?

Every month top raters form the previous month will be invited to take part in to the campaign. Your eligibility to get in to the campaign depends upon One factors your Toneaday points referred to as TAD points. The more TAD points you have the greater the chances the you will be selected in to the campaign. TAD Points For every contribution you make your contributions increase by one. And you get TAD points for quality rating. Which means that you need to take your time to rate the phrase/word. Do not spam, such as using one emotion for each phrase and using the same number to represent one or other emotions . If you keep on using the same emotion or keep on using one number or rate phrases too much fast, you will be logged out of your account and you will have to log back in and then you will have to go through an image verification to make sure that you are not a bot. So just take your time to rate the phrases and do not use the same number or same emotion for every phrase that you get to rate. Keep on changing them. If you have enough TAD for the month and you are in the top raters of the month you will get selected for the campaign. You will not see a direct increase in your TAD points as you rate phrases it will take some time to get your TAD points updated. Once on the rate phrases page you will see your current rank for the months and all time rank in the right side bar. And below that you will see your current months TAD points and your all time TAD points. Even below that you will see a box which shows if you are eligible for the campaign or not. The Campaign usually begins on the 15th of each month. Some users have told me if a user registers when there is a campaign running he gets instant invitation to the campaign all he has to do is pass the English test. In addition to the Campaign they have a weekly prize draw which is given to 25 people each week. The prize is of $10 each. The draw is held every week and depends on your TAD points. The more TAD points you have the more chances are that you will win a prize. It is like for one TAD point you get one drawing ticket. So keep on rating and maybe you will be one of those lucky winners to get the $10 prize. When you cash out from the site 5% of all your earnings are to be given to a charity of your choice. Just click here to join the site

How do I get paid ?
You get paid through Paypal. And you get paid on the 1st of each month.

Accepted Countries ?
All countries are accepted. As long as you have a nice English and pass the Toneaday English Test.

Have I been Paid ?
Yes I have been Paid and here are the payment proofs from the site.

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