Saturday, July 27, 2013

Triond Scam Or Legit ?

What Is Triond ?
Triond is a publishing website. If have some content of your own that was created by you in any media format, whether it is a video, a picture or an article. You can publish it on Triond. They pay you 50% of the revenue generated form your content . The views should be original and should not be from any illegal source such as a traffic exchange and they have already blocked a number of traffic exchanges to send visitors to their sites. What Triond does is when ever you submit an article, they post it on one of their partner websites. A niche websites so you reach a wider audience, gain more recognition and earn more revenue. Earning on Triond is really simple and divided in to three steps.
"you create, they publish, you earn"
They accept all original content that was created by you whether a picture,video or an article. On any topic as long as it original and is only created by you. No matter how you created it. Once you sign up you will need to write or upload some thing and it wont get published instantly it will need to get reviewed to make sure that the content is unique.

Why Publish with Triond ?
So why would any one publish with Triond. You could create your own blog and get all the 100% revenue generated from your blog or website. Where as Triond only offers 50% of the revenue generated form your content. The answer is really simple. Triond will publish your content on a website within their publishing network that best suits your topic and target audience. And the website on which they submit is already going to have a lot of traffic. So you do not need to take care of the traffic on to your blog you just need to write quality content and Triond will do the rest for you. Here is one of our article that got published Toneaday , and here is another one Mylot. You see that both of the articles were published to different websites. They review every content and publish it on a related website to your content.

Are there any Restrictions ?
There is only one limitation your content needs to be unique or it will not get approved. You can not just copy and paste any thing from another website and publish it on Triond. They will know if the content is copied or unique. So do not try to cheat them.

How do I increase my earnings ?
Already signed up to Triond and have some content submitted on the site but any good progress with the earnings from your content. You should make friends on the website and view their content in return they will view your content. Send messages to them and ask them to read your content. You could just ask your friends to view your content share it with your friends. Share it on Facebook, Twitter or any where else you like. Try writing on hot topics, if your topic is not hot at the moment you will not get much views for your content. In order to the list of hot topics at the moment. login > Submit > Topic Suggestions There you will find all the hot topics at the moment and one which are being searched most at the moment on which you should write to get more views on your content. As writing on a hot topic will mean that there will be a large number of people searching for the topic which will result in a larger number of views to your content. They also offer you a Triond widget with links to your content. You can get it for free and you can put it on any of your blogs or websites that you have. Below is how the widget looks like. You can get the widget by the following method. Login > Account > Triond widget Or you could simply click on the Get Widget button under the widget below to get your widget once you have signed up to Triond.        
  • Paying
They are paying and we have been paid by them.You can see it below Triond 1st Paymet
  • Blog
They have a blog where they update all the latest news about the site it is used as an alternative to a forum. In forums users can themselves create there own discussions but on blogs they can only comment on posts by the Triond team.  
  • Forum
They do not have a real forum on their site but they are using getstatisfaction to do that work for you. Get Satisfaction is a simple way to build online communities that enable productive conversations between companies and their customers. More than 48,000 companies use Get Satisfaction to provide a more social support experience, build better products, increase SEO and improve customer loyalty.
  • Adsense Integration
You can integrate adsense in to your account which means adsense ads will be shown on your content and the adsense ads will be from your account. You will get the option once you completely publish 5 articles.

  • Low Earnings
For some people the earnings might be too low the only way to earn more from the site is to write more the more articles you write the more you will earn. You can make money on the site in short bursts but you can not make a passive income out of the site

  • You will get your referral link once you get your first cashout
  • You can put your own adsense ads once you publish 5 articles.
  • Your articles will be reviewed before they are published and reviewing may take up to 24-48 hours.
  • Your content need to be unique and not copied they will not accept any copied content.

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