Saturday, July 27, 2013

Myloy Scam Or Legit ?


What Is Mylot ? If you are looking to make a little amount of money on the internet than you have landed at the right place. Mylot is a social network that pays its users for their activity. It is more of like a forum not a social network to be specific. If you enjoy being active on forums, posting comments on blog and commenting on your friends status on Facebook than you could really make some money every month from the site Because this is what you have to do make new friends and just type and type. There are thousands of interests to choose from and there are new discussions created every day in each and every interest. Besides making money you get to make new friends and get some good advice from experienced people from around the world.You can earn from the site by starting discussions, responding to discussions, commenting on others responses, doing simple tasks and get rewarded for using their search bar to search on the internet. 
  • Paying
Mylot is an old site which has been online for more than 3 years as far as I have seen discussions it can be even more older. I could not find the exact launch date of Mylot. Below are Payment proofs.
  • Forum
The whole site is a type of a forum where members interact with each other. They have a admin who will delete spam comments and respond to discussions regarding problems and questions on Mylot.  
  • Nice Referral Program
They have a 1 Level Referral Program with no Direct limit. You earn 25% of your referral earnings for life. If you have a referral who earns $10 a day you will earn $2.5.
  • A Number Of Ways To Earn
There are a number of ways through which you can earn from the site. You can earn by starting a discussion, responding to a discussion, commenting on a response, using their search bar getting rewarded, doing tasks. Below is how a reward looks like the reward shows 20 cents, but it will vary every time you receive one.
  • Accounts Deleted
I have not been a member to the site for a long time and I have seen a couple of members complain that their account was deleted for no reason.  
  • Even if Paypal is not offering its services in your country you can still sign up to the site and use it to make friends and stuff. And you will keep on being credited for your earnings. In case some day Paypal starts offering its services in your country you can redeem them.
  • You only earn for your activity not others activity there are a lot of new members every day who sign up on the site and most of them are misguided that they also earn for people responding to discussions they started that's not true you only earn for your own activity.
  • There are a lot of Tasks available for you to do which range from simple tasks such as liking a facebook to complex ones where you need to write an article or a paragraph. They can be as low as $0.03 to as high as $5.
  • Mylot accepts users from all countries, it does not matter where ever you are from you will earn from it. They do not have a tier system where users from USA, UK and Canada earn more. Every one has the same earning opportunity and all it depends is on your activity and how much you post.
  • The more you post the more you earn. They only offer to pay through Paypal. Pay on the 15th of each month if you were able to reach the minimum payment by the end of the last month. For example if you accumulated $10 or more in your account by the 30th of July you will receive your money on 15th of August. If you were not able to accumulate $10 in a month then your earnings for the previous month will carried forward to the next month. You can increase the minimum payment threshold to $25, $50 or $100.
  • You do not get credited for your activity as soon as you start discussions and respond to them but the earnings are updated on the site daily which is between 0800 - 1000 Mylot time which is running at the bottom of the page. And everyday yesterdays earnings are updated, if you posted some thing today then you will see you earnings increase for it tomorrow.
  • Mylot should is not made to advertise your websites and products and post your referral links if you do this you might get reported and get deleted. Making negative discussions can harm your earnings. Here is a payment proof from the site.
  • If you do not login to your account for more than 90 days your earnings will be deleted and your balance turn zero. You just need to login posting or any activity is not compulsory.
  • You can also read the earning Tips and a guide about Mylot how to make the most out of it at mylot earning guide.

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